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Kate Atherley’s Knit Custom Socks Class

Knit Custom Socks with Kate Atherley

This weekend is Maryland Sheep & Wool. And I am so excited. I love just about everything at the festival and I can’t wait for Sunday to go check out the booths and do some shopping. Every year I take at least one day of classes and this year I took Kate Atherley’s knitting custom socks class.  And OMG it was amazing.

I swear Kate has a PHD in sock knitting and I feel so much more capable at sock knitting for having taken the class. It centered around Kate’s Knitting Custom Socks book and went into great detail about how to make and design the perfect sock. I can’t share everything but Here are a few highlights and I can strongly recommend you go buy her book. It is Amazing!

  1. Socks should be knit to fit the circumference of your foot at the ball of your foot and around the smallest part of your ankle – 10% or 1 inch. Length is not an accurate indicator of sock fit.
  2. Except for colorwork or highly cabled socks. They are knit to the exact size of your feet.
  3. You must measure your feet to get the perfect fitting sock. Both feet. They are not necessarily going to be the same.
  4. Top down socks are way easier to customize than toe up. Like by a lot. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.
  5. Your gauge is probably too loose. A tightly knit dense sock will last way longer than a loose knit one.
  6. To knit a thicker gauge sock hold 2 sock yarns together. There are very few thicker sock yarns and 100% merino or 100% wool will not last as long as a wool nylon blend.
  7. Well written sock patterns are unfortunately hard to find.
  8. I must try a sock yarn held double with 1 strand of kid silk haze.

I have knit 3 or 4 pairs of socks and I want to design sock patterns. Kate has set up an incredibly high bar for a well written pattern that is going to take me a while to meet and I definitely need to knit more socks to absorb her knowledge . Right now I am strongly considering knitting my way through the patterns in her Custom socks book.


Sick & Knitting

Buckley Cardigan

If I had to use one word to describe my life over the past few weeks it would be crazy. Two words- Crazy Stressful. And so it is no surprise that I am suffering through the worst sore throat, ear pain, exhausted cold i have had in a long while.

So if i am going to spend a few days in bed I am going to knit, which I haven’t had enough time to do.  I should be swatching for my I Heart Cardigans cardigan. But with my current brain power that is just way too much paying attention. So I cast on another cardigan. I’ve kind of become addicted. I haven’t knit clothing ever and now in the span of a few months i’ve almost finished one (a mama vertebrae) and am working on 2 more with dreams of starting a third soon too.


So I cast on a Buckley Cardigan by Melissa Schaschwary in Cascade Eco+ silver gray color 8401.  Don’t you just love that squooshy looking shawl collar? Another project not in my yarn, I know but I’m still sourcing a good bulky yarn and I don’t have any worsted dyed up in sweater quantity that I can keep and start a piece for me. Plus, this is knit on US 10 needles and it is going SO FAST! I cast on on day 1 right before bed. Day 2 I knit all the way to the sleeve separation. A worsted cardi wouldn’t go this fast.

And can I just take a moment to talk about the genius of the Andalusian Stitch? Because it is a 4 row repeat of stockinette with one wrong side row of  k1p1 rib. So easy. and the texture it creates is simply beautiful. When I browse through my stitch dictionaries I usually skip the simple textured  knit & purl sections but this is so lovely i’m going to have to check them out.

If I am sick long enough I could knit a whole cardigan. Which honestly has my little shoulder devil grinning.


New Yarn at Uncommon Threads



The past two weeks has been crazy busy with dyeing yarn for a huge grand opening order for Uncommon Threads yarn shop in York PA.  Today I’m back in the studio dyeing up yarn so I can take some nice shots to open the 1 Sheep 2 Sheep online shop. So much work so little time.


i heart cardigans

i Heart Cardigans

I have finally chosen a pattern. I Heart Cardigans by Tanis Lavallee. This lovely cardigan has amazing heart shaped cables up that travel up the center back and are reflected along the button band in the front. It is knit in worsted weight (so it won’t take me forever) and has a shawl collar which I absolutely adore.

Since I’ll be wearing it to Rhinebeck the cardigan pattern I chose had to be able to close completely. I found so many amazing patterns that are designed to be worn open. This is going to double as a jacket so while I consider myself an experienced knitter the truth is I’m only 3/4 of the way through my first cardigan. I definitely don’t have the crazy sweater hacking skills needed to create what I want out of an almost right pattern.

I haven’t picked out the yarn color yet. Though my WIP guilt is telling me to finish the first cardigan before starting a second.


My Rhinebeck Sweater


I am going to be attending Rhinebeck this year – for the first time. Not as a vendor, but I’m still incredibly excited. When I explained to my husband how big and important Rhinebeck was in the knitting world he said, “Oh, so it’s like comic con. For knitters. ” Which i think perfectly sums it up.

The thing is, I’m not typically a sweater knitter. I am an accessories knitter. Give me a nice shawl, hat or some adorable toys and I’m in heaven. Sweaters seem like huge oceans of stockinette – which makes me want a knitting machine and a sweater pattern written in pieces.

I very much want to knit Sera by Laura Aylor except to modify the pattern to have long sleeves, but this doesn’t really feel like a Rhinebeck sweater. It is a workhorse cardigan. One I will wear all the time. And that pushes it to the top of the list. I love the Grandpa Cardigan, it is beautiful and I love love love the cables, I worry it may have too much waist shaping. But I’m also thinking the jacket like quality of  Gather Together and Adventurous would make wonderful Rhinebeck sweaters. Plus the cables to break up the ocean of stockinette.

Decisions, decisions.

  1. Pumpkin Ale by Ysolda Teague
  2. Sera by Laura Aylor (long sleeve version)
  3. Adventurous by Joji Locatelli
  4. Jess by Amy Miller
  5. Epistrophy by Kate Davies
  6. Grandpa Cardigan by Joji Locatelli
  7. Gather Together by Joji Locatelli
  8. Buckley by Melissa Schaschwary